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The “Sparta” Cultural Association was founded in 1992 on the initiative of fellow residents based in Sparta. It is housed in a hall of the former Primary School in Spartia.
The purpose of the Association is the entertainment, the intellectual culture of the residents of Spartia and the promotion of their problems. For the realization of these purposes, excursions, dances, educational lectures and various meetings between villagers and friends are organized.

Any resident of Spartia who has reached the age of 18 can become a regular member of the Association.

From the foundation of the Association in 1992 until March 2011, the President of the Association was the Director of the Vallianio Gymnasium of Keramia, Mr. Panagis Dillalos, with his wife, also the Director of the Vallianio High School of Keramia, Mrs. Vasiliki Makridima, as his right hand.

With patience and perseverance they achieved the objectives of the Association’s foundation as stated in the statutes and made the Sparta Association known not only in Kefalonia but even beyond.

Since March 2011 and until today, Mrs. Evangelia Pavlatou has been elected President of the Association and together with the Board of Directors, their goal is the continuous development and prosperity of our village and its inhabitants.

The main objectives of its establishment, as stated in its statutes, are:

The raising of the cultural level of the inhabitants of Spartia
The main objective of the Spartans is to raise the living standards of the residents of Spartans by developing, disseminating and applying to their way of life a modern cultural concept. The development of feelings, kindness, philanthropy and selfless offer to society based on love for fellow human beings and respect for the personality of the individual.

The study, promotion and solution of local problems in Spartia.
The recreation of its members and the cultivation of the spirit of naturalism in the context of the protection of the natural environment, contact and acquaintance with nature and the assistance of every effort to develop sport.

The effort of the respective Board of Directors is to hold several events in order to educate on various topics, to have fun and, above all, to communicate with each other.

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